1️⃣Instantiate (Minting)

Contract Details

To create a CW721 contract, whether it's a collection of NFTs or a single NFT, it must first be instantiated (Mintined).

You only need to decide on the Minter Address, which will be the sole authority to mint new tokens within the CW721 contract.

  • Name: the full name of your NFT.

  • Symbol (Ticker): the shortening of your CW721 NFT name.

  • Minter Address: the wallet address of your CW721 NFT authority.

Click 'Instantiate Contract.'

Click 'Approve' on your pop-up wallet window.

On the above, you may see your CW721 NFT contract address and TX Hash.


Go on to the 'Execute' tab to mint your CW721 NFT.

  • Address of the CW721 contract: Your CW721 token contract address. How to Get My CW20 Token Contract Address

  • Message Type: Choose 'Mint' from the drop-down menu.

  • Recipient Address: the wallet address that going to receive this CW721 token.

  • Token ID: Your NFT's unique identification ID. Can be a number or characters.

  • Metadata: See the description below.


Insert the image URL of your CW721 NFT.

Execute Minting

Click 'Execute' in the top right corner.

Click 'Approve' on your pop-up wallet window.

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