1️⃣Create Token (Name, Logo, Supply, Decimal)

Generate a token. You can get your token mint address in this step.

Create SPL Token/Token2022

SPL Token Docs: https://spl.solana.com/token

SPL Token Program: https://github.com/solana-labs/solana-program-library

Dexlab Mintinglab: https://www.dexlab.space/mintinglab/spl-token

Part 1. Token Information


  • Token Name: Dexlab

  • Symbol (Ticker): DXL

  • Description: Optional

  • Upload an image first and then wait for approval from your wallet pop-up

  • Symbol image URL: Will be automatically filled in after you upload the image

  • Click 'Upload Metadata IRYS' and check the wallet transaction approval

    • Image format should be: PNG/SVG/JPG recommended

    • Maximum 10kb size

    • If it does not work, change IPFS provider to NFT STORAGE and retry.

Data you enter into the “Token Information” screen is used to create metadata that is permanently uploaded to Arweave using Irys. Upon successful upload, Irys creates a receipt containing a millisecond-accurate timestamp establishing your token’s provenance. This provides trustlessly verifiable proof of your token's creation time.

  • You may see PREVIEW on the right side

Part 2. Create Token

  • Token Decimal: Enter a token trading decimal between 0 to 9

    • Solana token specification allows up to 9 decimal points

  • Supply: Enter the total supply of your token

    • u64 refers to a limit on the maximum amount of token issuance

    • Do not type ',' or '.' in entering the supply

    • The allowable range of u64 is up to 18446744073709551615

    • Example: you set the total supply of your token to 1,000,000 with decimal 6, the total supply is 100,000,000,000

What is freezing authority?

Freeze authority means abandoning the token management. Add and burn cannot be done if you freeze the authority.

Dexlab's Mintinglab default setting is NOT freezing the authority.

As you can see in the screenshot, if you want to freeze the authority, enable the checkbox.

For further explanation 👉🏻 https://spl.solana.com/token#freezing-accounts

Multiple Wallet Distribution

When minting tokens, you can distribute them to multiple wallets.

The specified amount for each wallet address will be minted, and any remaining tokens will be sent to the token authority wallet.

This includes the transaction fee.

Simply input the wallet address and specify the number of tokens you want to distribute beside it.

The token authority's allocation will adjust accordingly.

Part 3. Done

  • You can see your token on the [Mintinglab] - [My Tokens] list

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