2️⃣Query Contract

Querying a CW20 token means gathering information related to that token directly from the blockchain.

Type down your CW20 token contract address. How to Get My CW20 Token Contract Address

Then query response appears on the right side.

All Accounts, Minter, and Marketing queries do not require additional parameters other than the CW20 contract address. Required parameters for other queries are shown below.

  • Balance of a specific address

    • Owner Address

  • Allowance is an amount allowed by some address to another address for spending or burning.

    • Allower address

    • Spender address

  • All Allowance is the list of all allowances an address has provided.

    • Allower Address

  • All Accounts that have the token.

  • Minter address for the token contract.

  • Marketing information is provided by the token.

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