Updated March 22. Dexlab’s staking service is managed by Project Serum that is not been maintained recently. As so, the service is not compatible with Solana’s latest specs so unstaking is only possible through Dexlab’s Sollet forked wallet for now.

The staking UI will be disabled on May 1st. Therefore, we recommend doing unstaking as soon as possible. You can access Dexlab's Sollet forked service here

📎 https://bit.ly/3Juh8d9

❗️ If you want to unstake DXL, you need to collect all of your rewards before proceeding with your action.

❗️If not, you may see this error message below the staking website.

❗️ Please follow up to solve the problem.

Collecting Rewards

  • Go on to the 'REWARDS' tab.

  • Click on your staking wallet in the drop-down menu.

  • Click the 'HARVEST' button to harvest your rewards.

  • Staking rewards are paid out weekly. However, the rewards do not accumulate, so you have to collect them until the Harvest button disappears.

  • If you collected all your rewards correctly, the 'HARVEST' button will disappear like the above image.

  • Then, you can stake more amount of DXL or unstake the DXL


  • Go on to the 'STAKE' tab.

  • Type your Pool Token amount in the yellow box and click 'UNSTAKE DXL.'

  • You may see 7 days of the pending period on the top of the page.

  • After pending, you can transfer your $DXL token from your staking wallet to your personal wallet.

After Pending

  • Connect your wallet on the Dexlab Staking site.

  • Click the 'STAKE' tab and click the 'CLAIM' button on the side to get your unstaked DXL tokens.

  • Click the 'APPROVE' button on the pop-up wallet window.

  • After claiming, you will see the 'Claim Complete' sign on the right side of the page.

  • Click on the 'ME' tab to see your unstaked DXL token transferred to the 'Available' spot.

  • Click 'WITHDRAW' on the top right of the page.

  • SolanaClick the drop-down menu and click your DXL wallet address (Usually there will be only 1 address).

  • Click the 'MAX' button on the Amount side.

  • Click the 'WITHDRAW' button to withdraw your DXL token to your Solana wallet.

  • Be sure to click the 'APPROVE' button on the pop-up wallet window.

  • Now, you can check your DXL token in your Solana wallet.

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