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Extra Markets FAQ

  • Extra Markets are user-created markets that Dexlab does not guarantee stability.
  • If the transaction volume exceeds a certain level, Dexlab inspects the project and registers the market as the main listing.
  • If there is no trading volume and no order book for more than 2 days, the market will be deactivated.
    (Even if there is no trading volume, the order book must exist)
  • It may take up to 1-3 days for Extra Market registration and transaction history recording to be activated.
  • If you have any questions about Extra Market, please contact us through Discord.
  • If you register the market with incorrect information, your use may be stopped.
  • Unclear markets may be deleted at any time.
(Updates on December 5th) To those projects that submitted extra market listing forms, Please check the #mintinglab tutorial carefully before submitting the form, or will be discarded if the submitted Market ID is incorrect. If you did not receive an email from #Dexlab, it means the form has been deleted.

List of exposure conditions is as follows.

Main Listing

  • The daily trading volume is over $10000+.
  • Project evaluation (website, SNS, white paper, etc.)
  • The Dexlab logo and market link must be exposed on the project site for trade and swap.
  • There should be a project site, etc. (including SNS).
  • You should contact us to conduct joint promotions, such as tweets.
Please contact us if your market meets the main listing conditions. [email protected]

Extra Market

  • The daily trading volume of $1000+
  • Markets that do not apply to all can be accessed only by search + URL if the daily trading volume is under $1000. This is a policy to prevent damage to investors in markets with low trading volumes. Please understand.