Dexlab Trading FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about trading in our platform.

I'm getting an insufficient lampports error.

You must have at least 0.03SOL in your wallet for transaction fees.

Why do I need to have at least 0.03SOL?

For the first transaction, β‰ˆ0.024 SOL is required (creating a transaction wallet), so Serum Orderbook requires a minimum holding of 0.03 SOL. In order to trade, you will need to deposit some SOL to your wallet. Due to Serum's design, there is need to open a trading account for the pair when you first trade it. So, the β€œfirst trade” fee is β‰ˆ0.024 SOL

Sometimes my balance wont show up?

Sometimes, there are delays with the Solana RPC ( Serum Orderbook ).

Please wait a moment on the balance screen. If it is still not showing up, please check the page.

I can't see my order history.

Solana RPC response is delayed, and some order histories take time to load.Please wait at least 1 minute on the screen. Or check out the page.

I completed the transaction, but the tokens did not arrive in my wallet.

All transactions are deposited into the transaction wallet you connected with. Please settle your funds through the transaction screen or the Balances page. If this does not work, you can also check under the market you transacted, and settle your funds there.

The order was not created due to a program error.

If your order cannot be placed due to a connection problem with Solana RPC, please wait at least 1 minute on this page. If there are too many requests (more than 30 requests per 10 seconds), RPC will generate a response error (429).

Where can I trade Dexlab ($DXL) tokens?

Currently, DXL tokens can be traded below. Dexlab: Raydium: Coingecko: Coinmarketcap:

Why can't am I seeing a transaction error when settling on the DEX?

If you're receiving a transaction error when settling, for example, your transaction logs say something like Program 9xQeWvG816bUx9EPjHmaT23yvVM2ZWbrrpZb9PusVFin failed: custom program error: 0x1000772, then check the Referrer Quote Wallet in the explorer. If should be an SPL token account for the quote currency. If it is not, e.g., it's a SOL address, then the GUI you're using is invalid, and you should switch to a new one.

Why am I getting System program error 1 when trading on the DEX?

System program error 1 indicates a lack of SOL in the wallet to complete the transaction. You may need as much as 0.03-0.1SOL to conduct a trade.

How do I delete a duplicate token account (not a mnemonic)?

TFirst, this happens due to an oversight in some applications. They should be using associated token accounts. Now, before deleting your account, know that this is very dangerous. If you ever send to the deleted address, you might lose your funds!

If you still want to do this, then you can enable the feature in sollet as follows. Go to sollet. Enter the developer console in the browser.

Type localStorage.setItem('warning-close-account', true) Open up the token details of the token you want to remove. Send all the tokens of that single token type, for example, USDC, to a new wallet that you control (so that your token balances of the token you want to delete are zero). Then a Delete button will appear. Stop. Ask yourself if this is what you really want to do. If yes, then delete. It's strongly recommended to transfer all tokens to a new wallet after deleting an address. Again, if you ever send to a deleted address, you will incinerate your funds. Be careful.

Why is the current price different from the price on the chart?

The chart is displayed based on the transaction history. The last price shown on the chart is the last traded price. The current price will depend on the OrderBook even if there are no trades executed at the calculated price according to buy/sell (all Serum DEX are the same)

Chart = based on the transaction history we are collecting Price = Calculated price according to Buy/Sell volume of Serum DEX

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