Staking (Closed)

  • Connect your wallet.
  • Click 'DXL Stake Season 1.'
  • Click 'Deposit' to deposit your DXL amount from your Solana wallet.
  • First, click your staking wallet address from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, type down the amount of DXL that you want to deposit in this staking wallet.
  • Go on to the 'STAKE' tab to stake your DXL.
  • 1 pool token is equal to 100 DXL. Therefore, 100 DXL equals 1 pool token here.
  • Enter the number of pool tokens that you want to stake and click ‘STAKE DXL.’
  • Click 'Approve' on the pop-up window.
Go on to 'Reward Harvest' if you want to know how to harvest your staking reward 👉🏻