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✌️ Introducing Dexlab

🧬 What is Dexlab?

Dexlab makes launching on Solana easy with a token minting lab, a launchpad and a dedicated DEX for all listings
What is Dexlab? Dexlab is an integrated DEX platform that provides a GUI to issue Solana-based tokens without the need to code. It leverages the Serum Decentralized Exchange (DEX)'s central order book to support ultra-fast transactions, shared liquidity, and new features for monetization.

🧐 Why is Dexlab different?

The SPL CLI is the primary method to create and manage Solana tokens. Currently, it lacks the linkage to be able to manage environment settings, token sales, market listings, and token information. With Dexlab's GUI, one will be able to manage these settings, and be able to do everything from token issuance to adjusting utility settings.

Dexlab offers a few key advantages (completed or in progress):

1. Anyone can list on Dexlab's "Extra Markets" section. Dexlab's platform allows projects and users to list markets.
Currently, custom market registration can be checked only on the registered PC. DexLab expands this and supports anyone to trade through an address or a separate area when registering the market (like Uniswap).
2. Trading interface: Traders can use TradingView charts, set limit orders and more, and have full control of their trading.
3. Supports token issuance and management through our token minting GUI.
4. We provide an IDO platform for projects to have a chance to raise funds and distribute tokens.
5. Provides a scalable API for system trading.
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