Reward Harvest (Closed)

How to harvest your profit
  • Click your DXL staking wallet address in the drop-down menu.
  • Click 'HARVEST' to harvest your rewards.
  • Click 'Approve' on the pop-up window.
  • Your DXL staking rewards are now sent to your Solana wallet.

'No token accounts found' issue

  • There are some people having issues with harvesting rewards.
  • This issue happens when you mistakenly delete the DXL token in your current SPL wallet.
  • Therefore, you need to manually add the DXL token to your SPL wallet.
  • DXL token address: GsNzxJfFn6zQdJGeYsupJWzUAm57Ba7335mfhWvFiE9Z
  • Add the DXL token to your SPL wallet and refresh the staking sites to try it again.
  • If you still have the problem, feel free to DM on Dexlab Telegram manager!