Dexlab now has a Jupiter-based SWAP feature available.

You can access the Dexlab SWAP on Phantom, Solfalre, and Coin98 mobile apps.

Also, now it is much easier to access swap on the first page of the Dexlab.

  • Slippage Tolerance: The maximum difference between your estimated price and execution price

  • Fair Price: This is the base price to which slippage will be applied

  • Swap fee: DEX transaction fee. Because it is based on the Serum Orderbook, you can get a discount on your fees 👉🏻

Dexlab Swap is based on Jupiter Swap, the best on-chain swap aggregator on Solana.

This service can also be used in a Mobile dAPP in Coin98, Phantom, Sollet wallet, etc.

Check the next page for more information 👉🏻 Phantom, Solflare, Coin98

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