List your token on market

Part 1. Create OpenBook DEX Market ID
  • List your token on the Dexlab EXTRA market at the following link: https://trade.dexlab.space/#/minting-lab/markets.
  • You can create the market ID here and add your token to the market listing.
  • The 'Create OpenBook DEX Market ID' step is essential before adding to the market listing.
  • The market ID creation is based on the OpenBook DEX market, so if you have difficulty proceeding with it, please contact the OpenBook DEX.
  • After creating the Market ID, check this page to see your token's market ID. How to check market ID?​
Part 2. Add Market Listing.
  • Dexlab MintingLab leads people to a much easier and simpler way to create their own tokens. With MintingLab, you can issue, list, and manage your own token without a difficult coding process.
  • This form is to request a listing on an extra market. In order to smooth out the process, please provide the following information. It will be listed on average after about 2 weeks of review.
  • If you are curious about converting from an extra market listing to a main market listing, please check out this page. FAQ​