Create Token

Generate a token. You can get your token mint address in this step.
Part 1. Token Information.
  • Type basic token information of your token.
  • Upload an image first and then wait for approval from your wallet pop-up window.
  • The 'Upload to Symbol image URL or IPFS' will be automatically filled in after you upload the image.
  • Click 'Upload Metadata.' to proceed.
Part 2. Create Token.
  • Enter a token trading decimal between 0 to 9.
  • In this tutorial, I choose 4, which means 0.0001.
  • Enter the total supply of your token.
  • In this tutorial, I choose 1,000,000,000.
  • The total amount of tokens should be written in the positive integer number.
  • Click 'Create Token' to proceed.
Part 3. Done.
  • Congratulations! Your token information is saved on the Metadata.
  • Done with the token creation.
  • Go on to the 'My Token' tab at the top and scroll down to see the newly created token.
  • Press 'Reload' if it is not showing.