[Ended] DXL IDO Sale

IDO/Airdrop event has ended.
Hello, Dexlab community!
🎉 We are delighted to announce the whitelisting for Dexlab’s IDO and airdrop for Dexlab’s native token DXL!
🎉 We apologize for postponing the sale date, so we want to thank you all for patiently waiting! We have strived to make the event simple and straightforward. Let's hope the event goes well and safely.

🚀 The Whitelisting Process

We will open up the whitelisting process on May 21st, 14:00 UTC. The list will remain open for 3 days, and then we will close it on May 24th, 14:00 UTC.
USA: 10:00 (UTC -4) China: 22:00 (UTC +8) Korea: 23:00 (UTC +9)
After closing the whitelisting process, we will select 1000 participants who will be eligible to participate in the IDO on June 1st, 14:00 UTC until June 6th, 14:00 UTC.
Because not everyone will be able to be selected, after we confirm the participants for the IDO, we will distribute the airdrop evenly amongst all participants that did not participate in the IDO. More details are in the document.
Please follow the instructions below, and you will be eligible to participate!

🚀 Step by Step Whitelisting Process

Step 1: Make sure you have the required Solana wallet, Sollet! (DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS)
  • You can set up a wallet right here.
Step 2: Follow DexLab on Twitter!
Step 3: QT (Quote Tweet) and Like the pinned tweet in Dexlab Twitter!
  • Quote tweet the main pinned tweet with the #hashtags
  • #Dexlab #DXL #DXLIDO # IDO #IDOsale
Step 4: Join Dexlab Telegram community!
  • You can easily keep up with news on Dexlab.
  • Telegram
Step 5: Fill out the whitelist form on Dexlab platform.
  • It will ask you for information such as your name, email address, country, etc.
Step 6: To participate in the IDO sale, you must comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth by us!
After you have completed all the steps, it will be time to wait. We will confirm all the selected individuals to participate in the IDO, and contact said winner by email with the additional steps to take.

🚀 IDO Sale Participation Details

We will begin the process of selecting 1000 participants shortly after the whitelisting process closes. These participants will be eligible to participate in the IDO.
  • Details of the IDO sale:
  • IDO date: June 1st 14:00 (UTC) - June 6th 14:00 (UTC)
  • IDO token allocation: 20,000,000 DXL ($ 400K)
  • IDO token price: $ 0.02
  • Allocation allowed: There will be an individual cap per person.
  • Initial market cap: $ 810,000
※ Currency that you can use in buying DXL: USDT, USDC, and SOL

🚀 Airdrop Event

Because not everyone will get to participate in the IDO, we still want to thank you for the effort and trying. So, we decided that after the IDO participants have been announced and confirmed, we will start our airdrop event. Anyone who participated in the whitelisting will be eligible!
Airdrop Details:
  • Airdrop Date: Estimated 1 week After
  • Airdrop Token Allocation: 0.625% of Total Supply (6,250,000 DXL)
  • Distribution: Even Amongst Eligible Participants