Dexlab FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions not related to trading.

Why haven't I received my Airdrop?

The only circumstance under which this happens is when the provided wallet address is incorrect. Unfortunately, we cannot change the destination address.

I applied for a whitelist several times, but only received one allocation. Why?

More than one application was not allowed per person according to the whitelist policy. In the case of a duplicate wallet address/e-mail address/Twitter address, only one was accepted.

Who was the airdrop distributed to?

It was airdropped only to participants in the whitelist.

Where can I trade Dexlab ($DXL) tokens?

What are the uses of DXL tokens?

DXL tokens will be used in various places. As the Dexlab ecosystem expands, such as Minting Lab, Bot Trading, IDO, etc., it can be used in various places.

How do I move my funds from sollet to phantom wallet

You don't need to. The wallet you use via sollet can be used in phantom. Here is a guide https://phantom.app/help/migrating-from-sollet-to-phantomโ€‹
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